Monday, July 17, 2006


I am in pain... my arms, face, and neck are freaking sunburned.

Having delayed my move to NY by a day and deciding to stay in Cleveland and head over to Albany tomorrow I got to have a mini vacation today.

So today my uncle was taking two kids to Geauga Lakes Amusement park for the day so I got to tag along.

Now in the past I have not been a real fan of roller coasters, I mean the last time I rode one was over 10 years ago when we went to Cedar Point. When we were there I rode The Raptor under the condition that if I rode it dad would buy me a t-shirt after going on it and I paniced and shut my eyes the whole time (my brothers can confirm said story). Anyway I decided to suck it up and ride the roller coasters no matter how afraid I was.

The first one we rode was X FLIGHT (the green one in the picture). You start out going up the hill on your back and then at the top you flip over before and for the entire ride you are looking right down at the ground or being flipped this way and that way. Pretty smooth ride overall and really exciting.

Next was the Head Spin (the blue one) which was alright a tad shakey. After taking a few rides and getting drenched on the big flume ride we moved onto the Dominator(purple/gold) and Thunderhawk (red/green). The Dominator rocked and was very smooth , however the Thunderhawk was a completely different story but still not as bad as the wooden coasters. The wooden coasters sucked and were as shakey as a surgeon who has drunk a whole bottle of vodka. I am sure my back is going to be sore for the rest of the week because of them. I can understand why those 21 people were hurt on the Son of the Beast a week so ago.

Anyway I am tired, sunburned, and I think a little nervous about the next few days with finally moving in to the new apartment and starting the new job.

Well I need to head to bed so I can get up and drive to Ny in the morning.



Shawn said...

You neglected to mention "screamed and cried like a baby" when describing your Raptor experience.

Jenette said...

:):) So many giggles here...

And just as you posted in my blog, don't forget that there are people who are praying for you and for your new job and life. The internet is a wonderful thing, in that you can stay in contact with friends so easily. You're going to do great.

(H)Ethan says hi!