Friday, July 28, 2006

The Joys of Podcasting

Ever since I got my new wonderful Ipod I have been hooked on downloading Podcasts off iTunes.

This is how I entertain myself these days since I have no tv and it helps the day at work go by quick. So what do I listen to...

Pardon the Interruption (PTI) - No tv? No problem. I can still listen to my favorite sports talk show. I wish it was a video podcast to help with the visual jokes that go on during the show.

ESPN Baseball Today - I nice 20 minute recap of the previous day games with previews of upcoming series around the league.

MLB Radio Daily -a 30 minute program where they talk with different people around the league.

Red Sox: Without a Curse - Hosted by Alex Reimer AKA "The Phenom" ..this kid is like 14 or 15 and he does a good job except I think he needs to sit back from the mike because he shouts the whole time.

Original Red Sox Podcast: two guys talk about the Bo Sox...not a bad one to listen too. Fantasy 411 - thought that I could get some tips to help my struggling fantasy teams plus the hosts are fun to listen to and keep the show moving along.

New England Patriots Podcast: got to keep tabs on my team, it is a 2 hr show which can get boring at times but I listen to it in short segments

NFL Rants and Raves: Just started this one so we will see once the season starts about this one.

In Touch w. Charles Stanly and Insights for Daily Living with Chuck Swindoll: Like both but I find that Charles Stanley has the more interesting topics in my opinion.

Ebert and Roeper: the two critics who should go sit on their thumbs

From the Balcony w. Statler and Waldorf: My two favorite muppets give their crotchity and sarcastic review of new movies and have the greatest rating scales...well they started off that way and it was funny. Now they just do skits based on the the newest movie that is coming out.

Misc. Topics
Quirks and Quarks : Canadian science show that intriges me and makes me feel really stupid at the same time.

NPR's Wait, Wait,...Don't Tell Me: Think of a game show with comedians who sit on the panel and answer current events questions. Once you get past the fact that it is NPR and they just love to bash conservatives then its a funny show most of the time. My favorites are when Mo Rocca is on the panel, loved him on the Daily Show and he just cracks me up.

Dropped Podcasts:
Steven A. Smith: Ugh...this guy thinks the Yankees are the greast team in the world and I could say other things about the show but they are not fit for a blog.

So can anyone suggest any other podcasts?

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Chris said...

43 Folders...quick, under 5 minutes, and some good tips.