Wednesday, July 19, 2006

First Day on the Job

I survived my first day at work!

Woke up this morning about an hour before my alarm went off at 7:30, so I just lay in bed and let the cool breeze blow over me. Got up around 7:15 and took another shower sans shower curtain and got dressed and hopped in the car and headed for work. Got to work and the office manager introduced me to everyone again and the few that I did not meet the first time and then I headed down to fill out the obligatory paper work and get my ID card made (with my sunburned face and the white patches where my sunglasses were on my face). After doing all the fun paperwork, I went back up stairs and got right into the mix of things. Spent the rest of the day working on evaluation surveys they are processing. I think I am going to enjoy working in the office, the other staff were jealous that me and the other PMI girl have flat screen monitors for our computers and they don't. Got my lunch from the cafateria only because I didn't want to deal with the hassle of leaving the building and trying to get back in while I am waiting for my ID badge to be given to me.

After work I stopped at Wally World to get a shower curtain...I was really torn between the tropical fish and the map of the world but purchased the typical colored horizontal lines with a clear stripe because ...well... not sure guess going for a more mature decoration scheme. I doubt the Fab Five would approve of any of them...speaking of which since I now live in NY if someone wants to put my name in to be on the show I wouldn't mind and could use the free furnature at least. After my adventure at Wally World I stopped at Price Chopper's the local grocery chain and picked up some sandwich stuff, cereal and milk. Apparently only people with NY drivers license can get the Value card which makes no sense to me.

After returning home I had a sandwich, caught up on my email, and worked on a few things around the place like got the window in the kitchen unstuck and tried to figure out what was wrong with the deadbolt on the inner kithcen door. Afterwards I decided to take a walk and explore the area. I walked down Main Street to the edge of town, saw some places I might want to check out eventually. Got back the place sat on the steps and cooled down and talked a friend in Morgantown then showered and got ready for bed and called and talked to mom.

All in all a good day but I need to hit the sack going in to the office early. I get to go to my first staff meeting tomorrow at 9am..I am so syked ;-)



Shannon Wagers said...

Welcome to the real world. Been doing this for about 9 years.

Chad Burdette said...

Ready for a return to acadamia

Aaron said...

Jenette and I stopped at a Price Chopper in Vermont, vowed to never shop there again as they require a shopper's card. Of course, none of them around here, so shouldn't be too hard to keep that vow.