Thursday, July 06, 2006

Adios Facial Hair

Well I start work in less than 2 weeks...

I guess it is time to start looking "professional"

For the first time since February I am clean shaven.

Went from this ...
Yeah so not a major improvement, still need a haircut.
Will probably let it grow back in eventually but I want to look decent for my new drivers license and work ID badge.
Anyway tomorrow I will post pictures of my apartment.



Craig said...

Hey... Got this thing you need to try... SMILE!!! You look sooo sad!!!! You are moving to Albany NY... They have a minor league Hockey team... Minor league hockey is great... There are like 10 fights a game... Gooooo RIVER RATS! (yea, that is the name of Albany's hockey team!)

Nina said...

You do look sad! He he!

It's so tough growing up!

Jenette said...

Both are rather scary!

Albany is going to be good for you!