Sunday, August 12, 2007

Physical Torture

It has been 2 weeks since my last post...I was traveling last weekend so I did not get a chance to post, not that a lot happened that would be considered blog worthy.

Since my last post I have been going to physical (torture) therapy for 2 weeks now. I am almost certain the guy who has been working with me did a stint at Guantanamo or the Abu Ghrab prison. The first time I went in he took measurements of my range of motion and said that they were normal for someone who had been immobilized for 2 months and said I should get full range of motion back. The other sessions have been him manipulating my wrist and me trying not to slug him so he will stop. So far the most painful session was the last one. I was in training all day and had to take notes so my wrist and hand were already sore from that then I had to go to PT right afterwards. It has been so bad I have had to rehab from the rehab at Chili's across the road. I still have a limited range of motion but can make a fist and give a "thumbs up" which I couldn't do before, have trouble carrying heavy things, and still favor my left side.

Other than that things have slowly gotten back to the way they were before... with the exception that my insomnia has decided to return. I don't know if this is due to rolling over on my arm at night, being used to drugging myself with pain meds, or lack of exercising. Speaking of which I have started doing the cycling classes again even though my wrist hurts doing it and I am way out of shape.

I have also decided to start looking for furniture for my place. As much as I would like to be a minimalist I guess on the rare occasion that someone might come over they might like to sit some place other than the floor.

Pretty much things just keep chugging along in the boring, monotonous pattern that they have been following with little indication that things are going to change anytime soon.