Friday, July 07, 2006


As promised...

So as you know I was in Albany last week searching for somewhere to live. Well after looking at many dumps and few nice places I was a able to find the perfect place to live.

My place is a duplex in Ravena (approx. 15 minutes from work). My side of the house
is about 1600 square feet and it has a full basement. The first floor has a kitchen with laundry room, dining room, den with bay window, living room and sun room. Upstairs features one large bedroom with a huge closet, one medium size bedroom with 2 huge closets and one small bedroom with 2 normal sized closets and a bathroom. The kicker is that the landlord put a clause in the lease that would let me have a greyhound (hopefully this will happen eventually...).

On to the pictures....
The Front of the House
The Back Porch and Driveway

The Living Room, Dining Room and the "Sun Room"
(WARNING: Previous tenant was in the process of moving out)

The Kitchen

The Bedrooms (2 of 3)
**this one will be my study**

Overall a very nice apartment and in a quiet neighborhood.


Shawn said...

Not sure what a "tenet" or a "grayhound" is. I know what tenants are and we have greyhounds here.

Chad Burdette said...

Was watching "Monk" while blogging and was not paying attention to details

Miranda said...

chad- you stole my idea! i was going to take pics of my place and put them on the blog, your place looks nice.

Sarah Post said...

Wow! Your duplex is really nice! What are you going to do with all that space?!? Got all nostalgic at Gary's on Saturday when he went to check my reserve list & our names were right next to each other in the database. Hope that you're loving Albany!

Nina said...

Looks great, Chad. I'm so glad you found a place.

Jenette said...

I'm jealous! It looks great! And yes, the next time we head to Vermont, we'll crash with you :) I suggested seeing if you were in town, but Aaron didn't have your number in his cell phone. :)