Tuesday, July 25, 2006

It's Been One Week....

since I moved to NY and what an interesting (and boring) week it's been. I wrote about my first day of work, Thursday and Friday were pretty much the same without the massive amount of paperwork that I had to fill out for Personnel. Work is going fine, just difficult coming into a new job where everyone is using acronyms left and right and I am just trying not to do or say something stupid. Luckily I got a nice thick booklet of some of the more commonly used acronyms used in the division, of course the department head was quick to point out that many can stand for different things. After looking through the booklet I noticed one that I will be lobbying for inclusion and that is FUBAR (I am sure I will be needing that one from time to time).

The picture below is my office and the red square are MY windows (click for bigger view) which are nice to look out during the work day. I have a coworker on either side of me and ironically the one to my left is a staunch democrat and the guy on my right is conservative with me being a DMZ. I guess if a rubberband battle breaks out I can offer my rubberband missle shield services to the highest bidder. But the two guys are good friends so I doubt anything will happen, although I did hear about the Limburger cheese incident this afternoon.

In the evenings after I get home I do the usual check email and fraternity boards while I eat a turkey sandwich or have a bowl of cereal. Once the sun starts to set and it cools off I usually go out for a walk around the area, taking a different way each time. One thing I have noticed is that many people have pools which look so nice and cool, although the lady next door who I am renting from has a pool which I got to use one evening. On my walks I just try to clear the old head and try to take everything in between swatting the gnats and mosquito's who love my sweet WV blood. I wish I had a bike because there are some good riding around here, hopefully be able to get one eventually. For the most part evenings are pretty boring and dull.

Saturday it rained most of the day as I worked on getting stuff squared away which was nice because it meant the house was relatively cool. Saturday evening I drove into Albany which was interesting because the hard rain had caused the two main roads that I am familiar with to be flooded so I had to whip out my handy dandy city map to navigate around to where I wanted to go. After stopping at Target and some other places I went and saw CLERKS 2 , which was fairly good, not sure about it being worth the $9.25 ticket cost, but it was a chance to get out of the house a bit longer.

Sunday I started the Church hunt. I attended a relatively small community church in the city the only draw back is the 25 minute drive to get there. Having never really had to search for a church before (when I was in Mo-town I had a good friend who recommended an awesome church and went there ever since). I have found a few other churchs which are closer to where I am so I will make a decision after visiting a few places and find the best place for me. Since I was in town I went back to Target and got a stool (my only piece of real furniture at this time until I get another one(wanted to make sure it was a good height before getting another)) so I could sit at the counter in the kitchen. The rest of the day I spent working on stuff around the house and took a short walk before turning in for the night.

Monday it was back to the grindstone at work and a trip to the store in the evening (exciting I know). Today I sat in a OPTS meeting with one of the bigwigs of OMRDD, and even though the office manger tried to explain stuff to me on Monday I am just glad I did not have to say anything...I am sure eventually I will ::shudder:: The last todays I have been in 3 meetings...the job of a state employee is never done.

So far things have been really positive here. The only thing is evenings are a drag and with no furnature it is either sit in the kitchen or in the floor of what eventually will be the TV room. Another thing that has made the experience difficult is learning that my grandmother(mom's mother) in the moderate stage of Alzheimers and has had a series of mini strokes and I know mom is really stressed out and I can't be around to help out like I used to be able to. I still talk to her on the phone but I can tell that she is a lot more forgetful these days.

I know that I have only been here a week but I feel like I am on the inside looking out at people who are established. Just trying to figure out how to go about meeting people, finding things to do and doing stuff outside of work and around the house(which will have to be put on hold until I start getting paid).

Things will get better



Shannon Wagers said...

You're a DMZ ???? Disappointed in you. Its the NPR.

sarah cool said...

"between swatting the gnats and mosquito's who love my sweet WV blood."

this was a great statement. Hahah!

sarah post said...

maybe, i'm just dense.... fubar???