Sunday, July 16, 2006

On The Road

Thursday I headed over to Cinncy for the weekend to attend a meeting for my fraternity. Since the meeting didn't start til Friday I decided to visit some friends from college who live in the area. We decided to go the Red's game versus the Colorado Rockies.

All in all in was a good game, we left beginning of the 9th inning becasue we thought there was no way that even the Red's could screw up a 9-4 lead. So after leaving Great American Ballpark we headed to grab a small bite to eat and found out when got there that the Rockies scored 3 runs in the top of the 9th and came close to winning. So far this is the only ballgame I have been to but it was a good one, I mean Ken Griffey Jr. hit homerun 555 of his career.

Friday I woke up after a very restless night, not sure why it was but I just didn't get a lot of sleep. Around noon I headed over to the Aldridge's house where the meeting was taking place and where I was staying for the weekend to meet one of the other guys who was in early. We decided to go grab some lunch and run some errands so as not to distrub the young ones who were down for the afternoon nappy time. Once we got back the fun started when the reenergized young-uns awoke and the other national officers started to show. While dinner was being fixed we passed football, frisbee, and tried to keep up with the (h)Ethan. After dinner we got down to business, not fraternity business but...
---> <---Unfortunately I didn't do very well in either game because I kept getting dealt crap and since I can't bluff very well every other play for me was "FOLD" and the times I did get a decent hand someone always had a better one. Finally went to bed around 2:30 am and was up and ready to get down to the business at hand at 8 am.

Saturday was spent discussing fraternity business with a lunch break at one of my favorite resturants in the Cinncy area...
That evening we went to Quaker Steak and Lube for dinner where I once did the Atomic Wing challenge, which I have now done in 3 states. After dinner we headed back to the house where we had another exciting round of Texas Hold'em Poker, I did a bit better but not much.

Today went to church then came up to Cleveland. I was going to go over to Albany tomorrow but something has come up and I will be heading over early Tuesday.

At least I get one day off the road

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