Saturday, August 23, 2008

Day 7: Anaheim Angels

Hard to believe I have been here a week and I have to leave and go back to my crappy life in Albany on Sunday.

So today after the Spin Class and hanging out at the apt, Holli and I went to Anaheim for the Angels vs the Twins. Before the game we stopped at the Block which is basically a open area mall. There was this candy store that had these gianormous PEZ dispersers, I had to restrain myself not to buy all 5 of The Simpsons or the Star Wars ones:

We just walked around and also went to the Alcatraz Brewing Company.

I also lifted a pint glass for my ever growing collection. I am such a pro at this that I have a whole system down.
Afterwards we left for the Angels game. I think I like Angels Stadium better than Dodgers Park. I mean the beer was cheaper, the crowds friendlier, and the team better...except for tonight when they got blanked 9 - 0 but Boston won and the Yankees are almost out of post season contention (Yankees Suck!!!). My cousin thought that his boss might have had a box for tonight but it turns out he didn't which was alright anyway.


So we obviously didn't go to Mexico this evening but I was tired when I got back and it's a 2.5 hour drive and by the time we got there stuff would be closed.

I think tomorrow Todd and I are going to Universal Studios so that should be fun.

Okay so its 2 AM here 5 AM on the East Coast I guess I should get some sleep or at least try

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