Thursday, August 21, 2008

Day 5

Yesterday was a slow day.

I woke up and was going to go to the gym and do the morning Spin class but I got half way to the car and realized I didn't have the key to the rental so I came back up to grab it. After 20 minutes of frantic searching I thought I may have left it in the car because I knew I left it here. So as I was getting ready to call AAA my aunt called and said that the key was next door at her place. She had to move the car while I was in LA. I was relieved to say the least.

In the afternoon I went to the Olympic swimming pool down the road.

I was looking forward to swimming the 50M lengths but apparently they divided the pool into 2 25M pools. So I swam laps in the diving/polo pool for an hour or so before heading to the gym for the evening Spin class.

It was a relaxing day

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