Friday, August 22, 2008

Day 6: Huge Ass Margarita

So yesterday afternoon Holli took me out to Santa Monica

I didn't do the morning Spin class because my knee was bothering me and like a dumb ass I for got my Flector patches at home. So I got up went to Starbucks for some liquid breakfast and then came back to the apartment.

So we left for Santa Monica around 1pm and walked around. We walk down the 3 block shopping plaza then went out to the Pier.

The Pier was cool, they had a Ferris Wheel and Roller Coaster out on it. I went out to the end to look around and there was this bird (see filmstrip below) just walking around out on the lower level and I could have caught the thing. I think someone called the cops about the bird and the truck sitting on the pier was apparently a popular photo oppertunity. There was a restaurant on the end of the pier so I was a bit hungry so we went in for a snack and I ended up ordering the huge ass margarita.

This thing was huge.
CHAD vs. Huge Ass Margarita
Half way there...
Nothing like a sense of accomplishment!

So after my victory we left and came back to the house and Todd and I went out to have dinner at one of the local bars then we came back and I whooped him in Madden '09

Well gotta run...busy day today: First off to the morning Spin class, then down to Anaheim to see the Angels play the Twins then come back and head down to San Diego/Mexico for the night and tomorrow.

I don't want to go back to Albany

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