Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Day 2 & 3

So the past two days have been relatively quiet

I am still adjusting to the time change and it is playing hell on my insomnia...

Sunday I just hung around here and recovered from being up so late and got my gear ready to go to the gym.

I went to bed about 11:30 after watching the Olympics and playing PS3 woke up at 1:30 (my normal time of 4:30am) and then was in and out of sleep until I got up around 7ish.

After another great breakfast I called and rented a car since the car I was supposed to be able to use is having issues which I more than understand that cars don't always like to cooperate. I have a Chevy Cobalt until Saturday for $150 which is a decent rate especially from Enterprise and for CA. So after I got back I got my gym bag ready and headed to the YMCA and took the Spin class. It felt good to get the blood pumping after being sedentary for 3 days but I think I have become a Spinning and YMCA snob. The Y in Bethlehem, where I practically live these days, is the nicest YMCA I have been too and has the best Spin bikes ever. The gym here had Schwinn bikes, similar to the bikes I teach on at the Albany Y.

I walked in the room and the instructor asked if I needed help setting up and I said no I could do it and told him that I taught Spin in Albany. His class was alright, didn't care that much for his music selection, but his workout was somewhat challenging. So after I did the Spin class I came back and had dinner and waited for Hollie, one of my aunt's coworkers to show up before we headed for Seal Beach (had to justify bringing the wetsuit with me)

The water really wasn't that bad...didn't do any actual swimming because it was getting dark and with my red goggles I would have been close to blind. I just went out and practiced diving through the waves and acclimating to how the suit felt in the salt water. After I had my swim, Hollie and I walked out on the pier and then went and grabbed some Cold Stone Creamery which was good.

Tomorrow Hollie is going to show me around LA and do all the touristy stuff there and then go see the Dodgers play the Rockies which should be nice. The seats are in the Left field bleachers and I think we are going to be close enough to heckle Manny Rameriez.

Ok of to bed with me doing the 7 am Spin class tomorrow before we head to LA for the day.

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