Saturday, August 16, 2008

Day 1: Venice Beach

So I finally went to bed about 1 am PST, woke up around 5am listened to the ole Ipod for a bit before falling back to sleep around 6am and finally got up around 8am. When I got up however I came in and turned the laptop on and it said 11 am which I thought was wierd...then I realized I had for got to change the clock on the laptop.

Anyway the morning was spent watching tv, playing Madden '09 and have a wonderful breakfast of eggs, sausage, grits, and biscuits and gravy fixed by my aunt...yummy. After a few more games of Madden, Todd(my cousin) and I left the house first we stopped by Best Buy so I could pick up a new pair of headphone for my Ipod since they got messed up when I accidentally shut the car door on them...I know brilliant. We then headed over to the YMCA so I could pick up a schedule for the Spin classes then we headed over to Venice Beach.

If you ever want to feel normal about yourself then you have to visit Venice Beach.

Street ball courts where the movie WHITE MEN CAN"T JUMP was filmed
So apparently his guy stands still until someone throws some money in his bag then he moves for a short while.

Worlds Greatest Wino: I don't remember voting for this guy At least these guys are honest ... and funnySo this another one of those people who stood still. I stopped snapped the picture then one of the bums started shouting at me that I was a thief for taking a picture and not giving money to the guy who was "working." I know the deal after having watched "Confessions of a Superhero" documentary .
Venice beach boardwalk is lined with hippies and this is one of the Hippie mobiles...apparently it is also Henna tattoo central. This guy was cool

We as watched this other guy and I took videos which I will post when I have a better internet speed. Muscle beach area was empty maybe I will go back later this week to see the freak show again.

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Craig said...

I had Breakfast on Venice Beach when I was there in Oct... The bums are worse than the Gulls... They keep walking by your table asking if you have any left or any to spare...