Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008:Candidate For Worst Year Ever

2008 is almost over which I say Good Riddance.

This has possibly been one of the worst years ever and while I am not going to go into detail about it I am sure the posts from this year pretty much speak for themselves.

Oh sure there where a few good things (few and far between) but if you light a few candles in a dark cave then you really can't see squat either.

My trips to places such as as Boston, Conn, PA, and CA and triathloning were probably the best things this year.

Do I see things improving in the coming year??? Not really probably going to continue to stumble around in the dark bumping into things as usual which seems to be par for the course

So long 2008 going to see if I can forget you ever took place with a few more I need those brain cells.


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