Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Well it's that time of year again when the economy tetters on the edge of the cliff(this year more), give into tho their compulsions to put tacky inflatable decorations on their lawns, and phyically maim each other ...thats right unless you have been living in a cave or under a rock since before Halloween then you know what time of year it is...and if you didn't know that then please go....then....and finally...yourself.

Anyway I am not a big fan of the holidays first off is the fact that from October on its BAM...BAM...BAM. I mean can we at least have a break starting the day after Halloween to at least the week of Thanksgiving to have somewhat of a breather??? I think that is not too much to ask for...but NOOOO we can't have that.

I also hate going to the mall anytime after Thanksgiving (not that I really enjoy going there any other time of the year either). For me it is more of a "people thing." Now before you get the crazy idea that I am some freak with agoraphobia thats not the case. I just hate dealing with stupid people, standing in lines, and having people in my personal buffer zone(kinda like a DMZ). This is why I am glad Al Gore invented the I can sit here in the Fortress of Soitude and shop via the computer. I mean if I wanted to I could shop in the buff (see how many Yule beers it takes to forget that scaring mental image) if I felt so inclined.

Now I have tried to "get in the spirit" of the season. I have loaded the all time classic Christmas album John Denver and the Mupppets Christmas and the Charlie Brown Chrsitmas albums on my iPod and even watched the STAR WARS Christmas TV show from the 70's (which gets better the drunker you get) and still I can't wait till March when there are no stupid holidays (St.Patrick's Day is the greatest since all it requires to celebrate is the ability to get drunk).

Speaking of which "Yule beer" is the only decent thing this time of year. I mean practically every company puts out the holiday packs which for the most part, except those beers with Cranberries, are some of the best ones put out during the year. What I think I am going to do is grab some "Yule Beer" and watch the first part of How the Grinch Stole Christmas(the original) up to the part where he steals all the presents because after that point the story goes downhill and try to make it through this crappy holiday season.


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