Saturday, December 06, 2008

New Phone/Twitter

After 2 plus weeks of waiting I now have my Blackberry Storm.

I have had it for almost 2 days now and still trying to get the hang of it. When I was first looking at phones I thought about getting a Blackberry but decided against it and went with the Chocolate LG which was a very nice phone.

When I talked to Verizon about my options for replacing my phone they checked my account and said I (probably like everyone who pays the bill every month consistently) qualified for an early upgrade so that plus the rebate on the Storm made it reasonable. The new plan is only 20 or so dollars more a month (before 19% State Worker discount) and since still is my only phone, so it is something I felt was doable.
I also started a Twitter account which is sort of like a blog but more of a "what is happening now, slice of life" type thing as opposed to my blogs which are more "think pieces, rants or ramblings" I will be trying to update the twitter on a regular basis 2-3 times a day if lucky. It will be good especially if you need a pick me up when you see how crappy and boring my life is ... (I know great way to sell it...) Just click the link and enjoy or laugh...

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