Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Politics in Comics Podcast

Holy crap, 75 episodes of Comic Timing?!?! Madness I say, madness! To bathe in the madness and to celebrate the upcoming Presidential Election here in the United States that is coming up on Tuesday, Comic Timing releases an episode focusing on Politics in Comics. Chad Burdette, Jon Carroll, and Juan and Raph of Geeks Unite! fill in for a missing Brent Kossina (have you seen my missing co-host?) as we go over our favorite political story lines, where we feel DC and Marvel fall politically, The Obama and McCain one-shots, DC: Decisions and plenty more where that came from!

This is all part of the Comic Book Podcast Theme Month that took place in the month of October.

So I have been waiting for this to be posted...

A few weeks ago I was once again on the 75th episode COMIC TIMING podcast discussing Politics and Comics.

Our discussion was on Favorite political storylines, whether comics and politics should mix and a bunch of other random tangents along the way.

When you listen and it clear that I am making little or no sense at all it is because we didn't start recording until 10:30pm and finished up about 2am (which is way past my bedtime) but it was a good time.

You can download the show on iTunes (Comic Timing Episode 75) or listen/download from COMIC TIMING

So yeah even if you are sick and tired of the election give this a listen...it will make you feel like a Maverick

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