Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Don't Blame Me...I Voted For Kodos

So I voted this evening (using the antiquated voting machine)...even though I felt dirty and disenfranchised doing so since there was no one worth voting for (I would take a shower but that would require I turn on the heater and not doing that until I have to since I am a tightwad).

Now begins the Cone of Silence...I would say time to start living in a vacuum but I already do that.

As I said whoever wins we are screwed and we can only hope that the Alien Overlords begin the colonization and overthrow of the Earth well ahead of schedule....

We could only be so lucky...

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Shawn said...

Certainly politicians give us plenty of reasons to be cynical, but this hardly seems like the time. If you just look at the spontaneous displays enthusiasm and excitement last night, I don't know how you can't at least be hopeful about the possibilities. We will be ending 8 years of GWB, and no matter what your opinion of his policies, for whatever reason he was never able to deliver on his promise of being a "uniter not a divider." Obama may be able to bring us together.
Also you cannot discount what this means for everyone in this country who isn't a white male like you and me. I don't think we can fully comprehend what the African American community's experience has been like to this point in history. At times AAs have been and/or felt marginalized, and disenfranchised with this country. Obama can certainly provide inspiration for young AAs and other minority youth who can help be leaders and problem solvers of the future.