Saturday, November 08, 2008

Done With Politics

So I am done with the whole politics game.

It is not due to the election results...yes it was an historic election and I hope that Obama can inspire people the way he was able to during the election but for me I am sick of the whole mess.

I think that this election brought the worst out in both it the candidates themselves or the special interest groups who decided to malign the other side with half truths and what not. It just pisses me off to no end. I am sick of the whole "red state vs. blue state" mentality. Really both sides are to blame and the sooner that everyone realizes that it is a cyclical thing as to which party is "in power" the better.

So I guess what I am trying to say is at this time I am a man without a political party and frankly that suits me just fine.

I can only hope that a viable 3rd party comes along that I can associate with even though I know that it is truly a pipedream that will never be realized(trust me I did my Sr. Thesis on the topic).

I guess from this point on I am going to to consider myself a political outsider...and you know what...that is just fine with me.

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Shawn said...

A political outsider, maybe...a maverick???

Truth be told, as elections go, this one didn't seem quite as bad as the 2 most recent ones. Sure there was mudslinging from all sides, but I think it was better than 2000 and 2004. At the very least people finally seemed to stop listening to a lot of the false information and spin (e.g. Obama is a Muslim, doesn't love America, is a socialist, etc. etc.). Since he was ahead most of the time, Obama didn't feel compelled to directly attack McCain that much, and stuck with Bush bashing. GWB is an easy target these days, often it's justified, but sometimes not. To McCain's credit, I think he resisted the political operatives desire to run a Bush-like campaign. Having been a victim of these tactics in 2000, I think he was sympathetic to at least scaling back the vitriol (I'm not sure the same can be said for Palin). There were even glimmers, particularly late in the campaign and in his concession speech of the John McCain that many people admired before his ~2006 transformation to the far right when he was trying to get his parties nomination. Had he been able to secure the nomination as the "real McCain" not the re-package ultra-conservative version, it might have been a more competitive race. You might be done, but I think it will be interesting to follow both Obama and McCain in the coming months and year.
BTW, until the electoral college is abolished there is even less chance of a viable 3rd party.