Sunday, May 13, 2007

Boston, Softball and the Gym

So I am going to try and update this every Sunday

Past 2 weeks have been alright I guess

Last weekend I was over in Boston visiting my friend Craig. I left work early on Friday becasue I had to go get a new tire for the car after I came out of the gym Wednesday morning to find the back right tire flat. Apparently not a square inch of tread on the thing (i get my money's worth out of stuff). On Saturday we did the Asthma walk and I got to meet my hero:
It went something like this...
Me: Look! Spongebob is here!
Craig: Dear lord ::shakes head::
Me: I want my picture with SpongeBob ::runs like a dork over towards SpongeBob::
SpongeBob: Please don't hurt me!

Toyota was also there and if I had money they would have made a powerful enemy by not giving me the flashlight I deserved after going through their brainwashing machine. The rest of the weekend was spent drinking and brewing beer and listening to the Red Sox game.

Started playing softball on my churchs team. It is obvious that it has been about ~2 years since I last played. My first game I was 1 for 3 and this week I was o-2 with a RBI. I am the foul ball king ...just not used to using a metal bat would prefer a wooden one. Been playing third base and center field so I am the uber-utility man. My shoulder is a tad sore after jamming it my last time at bat on Thursday but it is getting better.

May 1st marked 6 months that I have been going to the gym twice a day. I am considering doing a local triathalon in July only problem is I don't have a bike and not a very strong runner. As Craig said " the only reason to run is if someone is chasing you." If I do it I just want to finish not try and be the top finisher.

Anyway next weekend I am going to Cleveland so that might be interesting.


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