Sunday, May 27, 2007

I Have the Worst Luck

So I should have taken a hint after last weeks incident playing softball that perhaps I should have stopped while I was ahead.

But being the slow learner that I am I didn't and now my softball season and majority of my summer is over.

So Thursday I was proving that I was the ultimate utilityman and was playing catcher thinking that I would not get hit in the face with the ball since I would be wearing a mask. During the bottom of the 3rd inning when we were batting I said that I could catch one mote inning then someone else could because my knees were starting to hurt. So I went up to bat and had a nice solid single into the outfield. The batter after me drove one deep into left field and the 3rd base coach waved me home. As I was running down the baseline towards home I saw that the catcher was standing in the baseline 5 feet in front of home and I ran to the inside and not sure what happened next but Iremember falling then hearing a "POP" and next thing I was on the ground with people around me and I was holding my right arm. Then it goes blurry and somehow I was moved over to the bench and was so dizzy and could make out the shape of one of the guys standing in front of mebut no details so they called the ambulance and laid me on the ground with my feet upon a cooler. The ride to the hospital was painful as I think we hit every bump on the road. About 5 minutes away from the ER I was talking to mom on the phone and the ambulance hit a very rough patch and I screamed loud into the phone.

When we got to the hospital I waited about 20 minutes before I got a treatment room in the ER and it was a chair not a gurney. Apparntly it was convict's night at the ER since there at least 4 or 5 prisoners with guards attending also waiting. Once I got in the room I kept asking for water but they wouldn't give meany since they didn't know if I needed to have surgury or not but I got an IV with morphine and valuim so I guess I did alright in the end. I went for x-rays and then had to go back for more since the orthopedic drs needed more pictures. Finally they came and doped my arm up and put it in traction before they came in and literally pushed and pressed my arm to set and cast it( have a picture on my phone of how out of whack it was). I screamed and screamed as this happened.

It turns out I broke my wrist and fractured my hand and going to be in a cast for 6-8 weeks. hat makes it more difficult is that I am right handed and my thumb is immobilized so I am almost useless. So far I have managed to survive hopefully it will be better when I get another cast June 5th but until then I am stuck with the club.
So I have to rely on my left hand now and drive with one armed and stuff like that.

Top five things I can't do now:

1. Tie my shoes
2. Workout (might try spinning in a few days though)
3.Write stuff down or Sign checks and receipts in a legiable fashion
4. Open caps off off bottles (it took me 15 minutes to open a bottle of Gatorade yesterday)
5. Open the back door to my house due to the lock being difficult

So my summer is pretty much over.

*this post typed left handed so ignore spelling mistakes and no sunglasses were harmed in this accident


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Jenette said...

I'm not really laughing at you.... but your list of 5 things is pretty humorous!