Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I have had the worst luck with my sunglasses since my grandfater closed his optical shop

Growing up in a family who is in the business of making glasses has many benefits. One being that whenever I had a need for sunglasses or have them adjusted or repaired I just went to my grandfather, aunt, and my dad. When I was younger I probably went through sunglasses like candy so I never had a nice pair of sunglasses. I got my first nice pair my jr. year of college and since then I have had 2 more nice pairs (polorized RAYBANS) of sunglasses which I still have. Last month my grandfather closed his optical business after 60 some years and retiring at 94 years old.

So a week or so after the office closed I was at the gym and was rushing a bit to get dressed because I had to get to Bible study and I did the spinning class and was running a bit behind. So I had my good Raybans in the locker and reached up to get them and they slipped out of my hand and hit the floor and cracked the lens. Now I was going to send them to my aunt to before I dropped them because the lens popped out but I was able to get it back in but not sit correctly. So I was down one pair of glasses and went to my Raybans which I had for 3 years before I got the new pair.

So I had been using my old pair prior to breaking the other ones during softball games. Well last Thursday I was in the out field shagging fly balls before the game and I went to catch one and this happened>>>

I am not sure if the ball hit me or hit my glasses which cut my face but it hurt and still does (my dream of being a professional model are over). The first thing I did after I got focused was looked for my sunglasses which were laying on the ground with the temple broken off. So after cleaning my cut and putting a strip (no stitches here) I sat out the first inning before going into the game and playing second base and going 3-5 with one run. I drove to Cleveland Friday wearing the glasses with one temple until I was able to buy some crazy glue and patch them up....luckily it was a clean break. So Saturday I talked to my aunt who is ordering me new lens for my other pair, unfortunatly they do not make the polarized lens for those anymore so I just have my one pair which I have to becareful with now.

I guess I just find it ironic that I take good care of my glasses and then when it is most important that I keepthem in good shape things like this happen.


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