Sunday, April 29, 2007


So this past Friday was weird.

After the 5:30am Spinning Class at the YMCA I was leaving the excercise area when one of the trainers stopped and talked to me. Apparently on Tuesday two ladies made a fuss about the smell in the spinning class room and attributed it to my gym clothes. At the time I just listened to the guy and said that I would try and take care of the problem but the more I thought about it the more silly it sounded to me. Now granted my gym clothes might not smell the freshest but I think I was getting the raw end of the deal.

I am very conscious about my gym clothes becasue I know that going twice a day they might not always smell the freshest but I do take steps to make sure I don't offend anyone. I wear a running shirt and biking shorts when I work out and the only cloth that really retains any odor are my boxer briefs which I wear a new pair everyday. Along with this I wear also swim in the shorts I wear to workout so they get rinsed after every use (I shower before going in the pool). After I am done in the morning I spray my clothes with Frabreezs and hang the in the locker so they can dry out and be ready for my evening workout (Lockers are venilated). Now I know that this is not going to get rid of all the stinch but unlike most people I start my workout before class starts so somedays I haave worked up a good lather by the time class starts. I am sure the fact that the spinning room is a 20 X 15ish, unvenalated room has nothing to do with it also...but the thing I wanted to tell the trainer (but held my tounge) was that duh, its a freaking gym not Bath and Body works. I don't know I think it odd that I have been going for as long as I have and this is the first time something has been said, and yesmy clothes have been washed every week.

At work:
The new comissioner was on our floor introducing herself and saying hi. I was in my cube "working" and when I heard the announcement "comissioner on the floor" I closed my laptop which I sit in the window and closed the media player with Justice League cartoon playing. When she got over to my work area she saw the few (::snicker::) WV things I have up (map, flag, calander, ect) and turns out that she used to spend her vacations in Southern WV visiting family. I now have an in with the new Commish.


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