Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Superhero Workout

Every morning before work I do the 5:30 am spinning class. This morning the instructor’s workout was the “Superhero Workout.” Before we began the warmup she passed around Justice League stickers and told us to choose one and put it on our shirts. Now usually it takes me awhile to get motivated to start the workout since I get up around 4:20 am so I can get to the gym and ensure a spot in the class (only 20 bikes available) but this morning I perked up a bit when the workout theme was announced. So the sticker I chose was The Flash (unfortunately Animal Man or Question was not a choice).

At this point I was still suppressing the geek side but as the class went on I basically said screw it. I explained who Martian Manhunter and John Stewart (Green Lantern) was to the other members of the class who wondered who they were. I also had a short debate with the instructor who was ragging on Aquaman. I conceded that talking to fish is not a real superpower but that Aquaman was in fact probably one of the strongest heroes out there. I used logic that I knew she would understand and told her that Aquaman lives and fights underwater (resistance) so when he comes out of the water he is going to be really strong since there is not the resistance to hold him back (yeah I know but I had to break it down into something she could identify with). After this I decided to focus more on the workout. Songs that were actual comic reference/related in the mix were:
Superman Movie Theme
REM –Superman
Batman TV show Theme
Wonder Woman TV show them
Kryptonite: 3 Doors Down
Superman – 5 for Fighting
Aquaman – Grandpa Griffith (Funny song that can be found on iTunes)
Spiderman Cartoon theme song

During the cool down and stretch we talked about Underroos and how cool they are. Afterwards I talked briefly with the instructor and suggested next time the following songs could be used(just off the top of my head at the time):
Barenaked Ladies –One Week (Aquaman)
Superman’s Song-Crash Test Dummies
Newclues - Jam On It
Jim Croce -Don’t Mess Around with Jim –
Genesis - Land of Confusion
Spin Doctors-Jimmy Olsen’s Blues



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Jenette said...

Ok, you are truly a geek!! tee hee!!! Coming from a Buffy geek!!!