Thursday, October 26, 2006

Let's Get a Physical!

Monday I had my first physical in I do not know how long....and believe me it was not pretty.

First I am definately overweight (duh!) according to the doctor he would like me to lose 40-50 pounds which would put me down around 200 lbs.

According to the doctor my eating habits are ok...not great but he agrees that the lack of excercise might be the reason for my weight gain. I have to go back in a week or so and get some blood work done to check my cholestoral (wahoo...not).

I am at the point that I feel miserable and definately going to be joining the YMCA so I can work on getting back in shape...November 1st, BABY! The pain begins!

Also got a referral to have the bump on my back looked at and taken care of finally after 2 years.

Not much otherwise my blood pressure is good and what not. So all in all I guess I didn't learn anything that I didn't know but I now know what my goals are going to be.


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