Sunday, October 15, 2006

Getting Back Up to Speed

It's been over a week since the last post simply because things have just been so tiring. I am sure those of you who check this blog regularly (all 5 of you) are ready to actually read something new. I never promised anything to exciting hence the name of the blog the Edge Of the Infinite Monotony.

Last weekend my best friend Craig came over from Boston for the weekend. I had a great time considering the importance of the timing. He came in around 9 pm Friday and we decided to go grab a bite to eat so we went to Albany. After not being able too find a place to grab a bite to eat and drink in town. After not being able to find a place that wasn't crowded or packed and blasting music, I suggested we try some of the places near to the house which I hadn't been to but been wanting to check out to see what they were like. Well...lets just say I am not missing much. We ended up walking into the local Subway as it was closing and getting sandwiches and coming back to the house.

Saturday after getting up around 9 in the morning we headed to Cooperstown to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Before we went to the Hall we went to the Ommegang brewery took the tour and purchased some of thier wares. We then headed over to Cooperstown, before we went ot the Hall, we went to the ballpark to watch some of the Fantasy Camp game. We saw George Brett and Ozzy Smith which was cool. We then headed to the Hall of Fame and went through and looked at the different stuff. I really want ot go back and take more time to look at the different displays and pieces of baseball history. After we finished up in the Hall we walked around town looking for a place to hangout and watch the Yankees/Tigers game. We decided to head back to Albany and find a bar to watch the game and grab a bite to eat. On the way back we listened to the WVU / Miss. St game and talked about how since moving out of WV we both have become not only bigger WVU fans but more proud of being from WV overall. I know this is true becasue when I was still living in WV the thing I thought about most was getting out of the place. Since I have moved up to NY I have come to embrace the fact that I am from WV and can't stop telling everyone at work how great of a place WV is. The guys at work like to joke with me about being from WV and all the stereotypes that many people think of when WV is mentioned. I go along with it but always say how great things are in WV and how I am try to change people perceptions of the state. yeah I am a sue me. Anyway we watched the ballgame at Chilii's and made a few enemies in the place as we cheered on as the Tigars shut down the Evil Empire and knocked them out of the playoffs again. After the game was over we came back to the house and we went into music geek mode. I ripped music and Craig grabbed music off my computer as he ragged me about my taste in music. Again we turned in reletively early. We both came to the conclusion that our Wild and Crazy days were behind us and now that we both had jobs that required us to get up early and work all day. We also conlcuded that pretty soon we would be going to bed even earlier and not going out to bars and enjoying the nightlife becasue there was a Matlock marathon on tv which could not be missed. I guess when you get older and you wnat ot go out you want somewhere where you can have a drink and talk and not have to worry about music being blasted around you.

This weekend was fairly calm. Friday Night I played volleyball at church after work then went ot bed (but didn't fall asleep till 3 am, my friend INSOMNIA has been back for a few weeks now). Saturday I got up and cleaned the house, talked to mom and my grandmother who is Florida, and transfered music from the desktop to the laptop. In the evening I went to the Albany River Rats Hockey game with one of the other PMI's. She and I had a good time and it was nice to get out and pretend that I had something that ressembled a social life. After dropping her off I stopped at Chili's and watched the rest of the Mets /Cards game before heading back home. The River Rats game was awesome...there were 2 fights only one which I got to see. During the first period I had to go answer the call of nature and as I was coming out of the restroom I saw two of the cleaning staff watching the tv and saw that there was a fight going on and was upset because I love to watch hockey players fight. So on my way back I decide to grab an adult beverage and I am standing in line and look up at the tv see another fight going on this one involving both benches so I step out of line and run to the nearest opening and got to see some of the action. Overall the game was exciting and I can't wait to go back ...oh yeah I got to see the Stanley Cup which was cool. This afternoon after church I went to a get together for one of the guys who used to work in my division at work. He retired about a month and a hlaf after I started and passed shortly after due to health reasons and one thing he arranged was a party for his friends and coworkers. So all I have to do for the rest of the day is go to the store then I can hang it up for the day.

Going to San Antonio, TX next weekend so I am sure something exciting will happen.


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