Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Homeward Bound

Tomorrow is my last day of work for the week!

After work I am driving over to my brother's in Conn., spending the night then heading to WV Friday morning. The purpose of the trip is to bring all my stuff back up to Albany.

For the past month and a half my place has looked as though a squatter has been living here. I can't decide which thing I am looking forward to the most: either being able to sleep on an actual bed or finally being able to use my desk which has been in storage for 2 years. I can also finally get around to fixing my desktop computer which has a virus on it.

Other good things about going back home:
Seeing my mom, grandparents, and other family members
Getting to see the WVU Mountaineers kick the Marshall Thundering Nerds around the field

Today my health insurance kicked I can get sick or hurt and not worry about it. Today at work everyone in my area went out to lunch at this nice Irish Pub which meant a nice lunch hour. Add to the fact that my lunch was covered was cool, but the best part was that the consumption of adult beverages was allowed, in fact encouraged. I found this strange because when I worked for he WV State Treasurer if you had an adult beverage with your lunch you could not come back to work. After lunch my supervisor handed me some cash and told me to have another drink before I came back to the office. So me and the other guys stayed another hour or so and watched some of the Yankee-Tigers game before heading back to the office.

So it was a good day



sarah cool said...

Um, that's totally awesome. Gave you cash? Said, "get another drink"? Dang.

Kirtha said...

Hey, glad to hear you get to come home for the weekend. Looking forward to seeing you cause I've actually missed your smiling face. Your cuz, Jessica will be here too. Unfortunatley, with all the rain, I don't think an island outing will be an option. Oh well, glad to see ya when ya get home.