Sunday, May 07, 2006


Things I never want said to me again:

"Something will come up soon..."
"It was not meant to be..."
"You' ll find something..."
"With your degrees you will find something..."

It's been a few days now and things are not any better. I am actually kind of avoiding people so I don't have to lie and say things are going ok. I can't even crack jokes anymore about being over educated and such. I can't even browse jobs without feeling like I want to just scream. And I know people are only trying to help by offering suggestions of places to apply but I have tried most of them with no luck.

I am really at a loss right now...



Dave Scherpy said...

Won't say any of those things. I know _personally_ that they don't really help much when life seems so hard. I'm truly sorry for your situation, Chad. Sucks the big one. One thing I do know, though, is that the LORD's hand of providence is great and He's got it on your back. Keep your faith strong and nourished from the Body of Christ. In His Peace,

Shannon Wagers said...

EPHESIANS 3:20.... (: