Friday, May 05, 2006

Back to Square One

This week I have learned the following things:
1) I am a loser
2) I cannot compete for jobs
3) I am going to be stuck working some stupid do nothing job for the rest of my life

I got my response from NY this week and it was consistent with many of my past attempts at finding employment...a big old NEGATORY!!

As I look back over the past 6 years I have had some successes, but lately I have been repeatedly hitting the proverbial wall when it comes to moving forward in my life.

Graduating high school I was accepted at 4 colleges. I chose WVWC because of location and the fact that I was accepted into the Bonner Scholar program where I was one of 20 incoming freshmen chosen for the program. It was great to know that my accomplishments in high school set me apart from at least 200 other applicants. After finishing undergraduate I applied to a few schools to do graduate work. Here is where I think my luck started to turn south. I did not get in so I had to work a crappy sales job. I then reapplied and somehow got into the program at WVU. Well for the next three years things went alright (if there is ever really such a thing in my life). Things were looking up until 2004 when I was supposed to graduate with my second masters in the summer (if you want t know this story let me know). Anyway I ended up working another crappy job for a year till I decided to go back and finish my last semester. During this time I was finishing up I heard about the opportunity in NY and thought I would give it a try. Another long story short I thought that making it to the final interview round where they were taking 50 out of 75 people that my odds were really good given my education and work experience.

I was WRONG...Apparently 2 Masters, previous experience working in government and leadership positions don't amount to crap.

Now I have to try from scratch and find a job which worked so well the last time I tried.

I am almost 28 years old(I feel like I am 17), my friends are working or changing to a new job and I am here overeducated and unable to get a job. IT SUCKS...both my brothers have jobs and what not and able to provide for themselves and while I do have an income its not one where I can independently support myself and move on with my life, not stuck in this rut where no matter how hard I try to get out I can't.



Always Ashley said...

I totally feel your pain. I've been searching for a job for almost a year, unemployed for 4 months, and just now got a job typing. Yes, typing. So either I go back and get a MA in Education or try to work my way up from the bottom, by typing. Sigh. And I used to be so smart, have so much potential.

Shannon Wagers said...

praying fer ya bro.