Monday, April 10, 2006

What A Weekend

Haven't posted in awhile becasue I have been pretty busy. Between substitute teaching and playing take the car to the dealership because the "check engine" light is still coming on(but that is another post for later this week).

This weekend I went to Indianapolis, IN for the Sigma Theta Epsilon National Conclave. It was an awesome weekend. Going to Conclave is always alot of fun even though I hardly get any sleep at all. Highlights of the weekend include going to the Hard Rock Cafe twice, getting to hangout with an awesome group of guys, and being elected to my 3rd term as National President.


arnmac said...

Congrats on the third term Chad. May it be the best yet!

Justin P. Evilsizor said...

Chad, whenver you talk about STE in your blog, provide a hyperlink to the nat'l site. It improves our google rank.