Sunday, April 16, 2006

I've Been Typecast

Since I was in high school (10 years ago) I have taken part in the Easter choir/drama presentation at church. The first year I was one of the disciples...and yes I was Judas. The next year I said that I did not want to be Judas so what do they make me? A Roman soldier, which I thought was cool because I don't have to kiss Jesus and the character doesn't kill himself.

So as I said I have been doing this for awhile now and every year I get to be a Roman soldier. Over hte years we have had 5 different people play the part of Jesus and I have got to beat and crucify them all. I would say its been fun but that sounds a bit sadistic. Some years the performance has been very elaborate (involving lifting the cross with Jesus on it) to the very basic (having a blackout and Jesus stepping onto the cross). Now the reason I think that I have been tapped into being a soldier is due to the fact that when Jesus comes off the cross they need someone to catch him (slumps onto my shoulder) and hold him till the other soldiers are in position to help lower him into the shroud to be carried to the tomb. I don't mind, but I'm not sure how the audience feels looking at my backside.

Doing the same part does have its advantages... for instance I don't have to show up for practice until a week or so before the performance. Also this year I was not happy with the cross, since it has been modified over the years to accomendate the different actors who played Jesus. So I suggested that they should get a new cross and instead of it being one piece of wood (which makes it akward not only to lift but also for the guy playing Jesus to bring on stage) I suggested that a new cross should be 2 parts the long part which would stand in the base and the second would be the short piece which could be more easily carried in and less bulky. Well, they made a new cross and used my totally rocked and was way better. I guess when you have years and years of experience people listen to you and defer any questions or problems to you about what would work best.

I don't mind being in the role every year I try to push for more creative control over the role which keeps it from getting boring. The best part of all is I don't have to dress up for Easter service and get to wear gym shorts and a t-shirt.

The following are actual things said to me this year:
"So Chad, you've been a solider since I can remember...does the role come with some type of retirement plan?'

"Chad, I don't think I could see you as any other role in the Easter production since you've been a soldier for so long."

"Chad, I think you have been typecast."

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