Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Too Much Free Time...

Lately I haven't had a lot of free time but at the end of this week I most likely will once I finish my last paper. The following are signs that yes, you do have to much free time,

• You Know All The Words To Manfred Mann's "Blinded By the Light":
This one is real easy to understand. There are actually a couple of people out there who know the words to this song! Most people can only sing the chorus "Blinded by the light...revved up like a deuce...another runner in the night" but some people out there can go the whole nine yards!

• You Change Your Cat's Litter Box More Than Twice A Day:
This not only confuses the cat by making it think it has more work to do, but it shows you need a stamp collection.

• If You Collect Garden hoses:
I shouldn't even have to go any further.

• You Play Along With Game Shows on TV:
If you find yourself yelling at the person not to poll the audience or not to buy a vowel and solve the puzzel. It's time to start looking around for some nice hobbies such as......stamps or garden hose collecting.

• You Find Yourself Reading The Backs Of Girl scout Cookie Boxes:
Who doesn't want to learn a little about the ladies,"Hmmm it says here that all the money that comes from the Minty Cookie goes to fund the Softball game for the girl scouts next year.....OH WONDERFUL!!!" .....if you find yourself doing this then keep on going!! Who doesn't want to learn about these great women!

• You Dump Your Boyfriend:
This is obviously a sign you have too much free time...I mean why would you want to destroy a love so strong...oh man it’s horrible...I mean she dumped me like I was her problem and it was just because she was bored....come on what was wrong with our beautiful love.....we were running against the wind that's all....Please come back sweetie, back into my arms...I...I...oh… I've seem to have drifted off the topic....sorry.

• You Watch the latest “Reality TV" Show and Become Emotionally Attached to the Contestants:
Just throw the toaster in the bathtub it's over! You are sad.

• You Spend More Than 45 Minutes in the Gym a Day and Nobody Cares What You Look Like:
Need I say more???

• You Post To Your Blog Multiple Times in a Day:
NO NO!!! THIS IS GOOD. Not only does it build character but you learn a little about yourself...and provides you with an opportunity to show people how boring your life really is and in the end they can feel better about themselves,



Wilson said...

I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

some silicone sister with a manager mister told me I got what it takes - she said I'll turn you on into something strong if you play the song with the funky breaks