Saturday, December 17, 2005

Technology....No Place for Wimps

Technology, these days we can't live with it and we can't live without it.
So the past two weeks I have been pulling my hair out when dealing with technology. I am really good with handling technical stuff and can usually fix whatever happens.

Last Week:I was typing a paper for class and boom I somehow get viruses on my computer. So I figure I will just scan the computer using my Norton Corporate Edition and fix the problem...I wish. Luckily I did not lose my paper and nothing seems to extend beyond thefact that I can't seem to get rid of the stupid things no matter what I try (unlike when I was typing my Master's Thesis for Political Science and lost everything when my computer crashed). The paper was later than I told the professor I would have it to him and I was just frustrated. And to make matters worse I can't access some internet sites correctly.

Today:My roommate from college is in the local production of Seussical the Musical as the Grinch. Today he went to the local Barnes and Noble to read the story to the children in costume. So me and some friends went to see him since we are too cheap to pay to see him actually perform. I took my digital camera which since coming back from San Francisco last year has not been working properly. The view screen in it went bad and to get it fixed I would be paying about what I would to buy a new, somewhat better camera. Well I took some pictures and a short video and even had a picture taken with him to post here on the blog. Well I get home put the cdr in the drive and for some reason the pictures did not take or there was a disc problem so I did not get any of the pictures.

I can't wait till my new laptop comes in because it should have no problems at all and it is going to rock.


Shazbot said...


That sounds fun.

Shazbot said...

Holy Cow,

That appears to be awesome.

Shazbot said...


By the sounds of things, this is hard to believe.

Shazbot said...

Dear Me,

Trees are for hippies and squirrels.