Saturday, September 09, 2006

Random Mish Mash

Just a bunch of quick hits

As you probably know by now the pictures of all my stuff when I moved in last week. Got a good portion of it taken care of today but still have some boxes that need to be taken care of but its basically books which I don't want to get out until I have bookcases. I have this theory that plastic hangers left to their own devices over 2 years will multiple like rabbits.

Church Search
I have narrowed the choice down between two churches. Tomorrow I am going back to the second church then I should be able to make my decision. Found this clip from King of the Hill which I found humorous and something I could relate to.

I joined Blockbuster Online and decided to give the show LOST a chance. When it originally started I couldn't watch it on a regular basis and then didn't have tv so I just didn't get into the show at all. So as I said I decided to give it a chance and now I am hooked and Blockbuster can't send the dvd's quick enough.

Every now and then I enjoy an adult beverage at the end of the day. I prefer bottles over can beer and with the bottle comes the bottle cap. So I am saving the bottle caps and placing them in the half gallon growler I got from the WV Brew Pub. The goal is to fill the jar.

I know...boring post...maybe something will exciting this week but I doubt it. I am only going to be in the office 2 days. Monday I have a computer class, Tuesday and 1/2 day Wednesday I have PMI Orientation then in the office Thursday and Friday is half a day due to FallFest.

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