Sunday, June 04, 2006

Curse You Al Roker...!

Today was just tough all around and the fact that it rained all day just made it even crappier.

Woke up this morning not feeling great but I decided to go to church anyway. So I go in to take a quick shower and when I mean quick I mean quick in "there is something wrong with the water heater." Well this morning there was no water pressure (given there was little to begin with in the first place but I don't complain since my friend is letting me crash here until I move). So I do a quick sink bath and get dressed and head to church. When I get there I start feeling worse so I come home and rest and go to the 11 service samething happens so instead of coming back to the apt I go to Bob Evans with friends(a weekly thing after the early service).

After Bob Evans I was feeling a bit better so I drove up to Best Buy to use the gift certificate my friends got me for my birthday. I got the first season of Robot Chicken...Funny stuff if you haven't seen it before. So the plan was to come back home and then go rollerblading even though it was cloudy and looking like rain. As soon as I left Barnes and Noble after stopping at Best Buy it started to pour the rain down. So I came home and started reading Team of Rivals (the Emancipation Proclaimation has just been issued) I began to feel cooped up so I decided to go see Over the Hedge. It was a fun movie...predictable but fun on a rainy day.

After the movie it was still raining so I came back home and straightened up my stuff and watched some Robot Chicken and just spent the evening around here doing random things.

And I was so looking forward to going rollerblading this afternoon but I guess you make do. Usually I would just go rollerblading in the rain but not when it is pouring and there is lighting and thunder.

Hopefully will get to go tomorrow.


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