Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Back to Albany

For those of you who thought you had the wrong blog, don't panic I just changed the name (more on this at the end).

With less than a month before I move to Albany I still do not have an apartment. I thought I had one but after being told it was not in the best part of town I decided to pass on the place. So I decided to make a trip up to Albany so I could look at places in person and figure out where I want to live. Being that it is an 8 hours trip I knew I needed to leave early Monday morning so I could get up to Albany and make the most out of the trip. So being an almost spur of the moment trip I had little time to plan. So my plan was to get into Albany early afternoon and look at one or two apartments Monday evening. So that meant leaving Morgantown at 7am would put me in Albany roughly around 3ish. So after packing and making sure I had everything I needed I went to bed at 12:15, but didn't fall asleep until about 2am:
12:15 - crawl in bed and turn out light
12:25 - get up and use the bathroom
12:40 - think I should pack a flannel shirt
12:45 - get up and pack flannel shirt
1:00 - get up use the bathroom again
1:14 - The idiot dowstairs is snoring and I hear it in stereo
1:26 - hmm going to have to get coffee in the morning
1:35 - must...sleep...arghh!
1:40 - bathroom
1:50 - wonder if I can find something to knock myself out
2:00 - zzzz...

For some reason I never sleep well before I go on trips.

So I get on the road at 7 and making great time listening to DaVinci Code Revealed then moved on to Statler and Waldorf's movies.com podcasts. So as I said was making good time until I hit the PA/NJ boarder. I had to sit in traffic for 1.5 hours, no AC, and it was sporadically raining which was not really fun or comfortable. Once in NJ I got into NJ I was back to making good time until 20 miles outside of Albany when it just started pouring the rain and had to switch between defrost and tepid blowing air...not to mention I hit a traffic jam on the NY Thrueway. By the time I finally found the hotel I was miserable and smelling ripe.

Needless to say I did not make my apartment visit so I went out located where my office will be and explored the area before heading back to the hotel to order pizza and plan my day.

The renaming of the blog:
Decided to rename it after it was brought to my attention it was named after a movie with Angelia Jolie...never my intention...honestly.


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