Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Week in Tweets: Feb 16th to Feb. 22nd

Monday Feb. 16th

· Can't sleep for some reason...frustrating. Should fall right to sleep after not sleeping well last night12:45 AM

· Absolutely no one @ gym today…don't feel bad for being a bit late. Found if I only get 4hrs of sleep I don't wake & still feel the same 6:25 AM

· Running some errands before catching "Slumdog Millionaire" 10:35 AM

Tuesday Feb.17th

· Is back to the world of twittering & status updates after a day off...SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE was an awesome flick 7:57 AM
· Working on Corp. Compliance ... Should probably work on time sheets since I don't think I have submitted in a while 9:09 AM
· Is at the gym...going to swim some laps until the back starts really hurting...good thing appt is tomorrow 5:08 PM Feb 17th

· :Taking it easy in the Lazy Boy watching season 1 of WEEDS 8:10 PM

· Tomorrow is going to be so hectic ... Not looking forward to it for the most part...except my appt for my back maybe I will get some sleep 10:37 PM

Wednesday Feb. 18th

· And so what is most likely going to be a crazy day has begun...just got into work from the gym 7:29 AM

· Off to pick up friend who is going in for knee replacement surgery this morning then headed back to work 8:35 AM

· Back @ office. Trying to get work done while listening to Denise Leary...so funny 10:16 AM

· Denis Leary's NO CURE FOR CANCER never gets old...they edited a lot out for the cd...watching LOCK N' LOAD now...visual comedy works on DVD 12:03 PM

· Finished watching LOCK N LOAD...going to pop in The Wall before leaving @ 2:45 for the dr. appt. Was just looking @ my 2002 MRI..kinda neat. 1:42 PM

· Leaving work for Dr's appt. Snowing out and I left my coat in the car on the far end of the backlot 2:41 PM

· I hate filling out paper work before seeing the doctor...pain in the 3:21 PM

· Guess who is getting another MRI 4:13 PM

· Is visiting his friend who just had partial knee replacement today 7:16 PM

· Heading home from the hospital...what a long day 8:53 PM
· Roads getting bad...had to stop for gas...where are the damn road crews? Snow tires don't fail me now 9:17 PM
· made it home okay...knuckles permanently white/ Saw one car in the ditch(SVU) only thing worse then driving in snow is doing it @ night 10:03 PM
· Should really be in bed trying to sleep but is loading his Ipod with stuff and watching The EWOKS adventure cartoon 10:54 PM
· Heading to bed, maybe tomorrow won't be as hectic as being an operator for a lemming suicide hotline 11:20 PM

Thursday Feb. 19th
· Getting ready to follow in the footsteps of A-Rod and take steroids ...although I doubt these are performance drugs but 4 inflammation 8:13 AM
· The phrase "simple research project" should never be used by government workers... This simple project is now going into week 5 10:57 AM
· Headed over to the hospital during lunch to visit friend abd let him borrow my Ipod 11:58 AM

· Leaving hospital. They painted the walls in the hallway getting high waiting for elevator...need Star bucks Hot Choc b4 return to work 12:47 PM

· How come I get all the crappy side effects from my medications...hate being in that 3% 2:39 PM
· At the gym for training session even though back not feeling that great...going to take a soak in the hot tub first though 3:55 PM
· Back at the hospital visiting my friend 6:52 PM
· Running over to Starbucks to grab a Hot Chocolate ... Sometimes I think I am keeping the place in business 7:26 PM
· Is being escorted off the floor...help I'm being repressed...see the violence inherent in the system! 9:01 PM
· :headed upstairs to cry himself to sleep because he is suffering from"Ipod Separation Anxiety"since his friend in hospital is borrowing it 10:43 PM

Friday Feb. 20th

· Finally made it into work...so glad it is Friday finally this week has been a killer 9:35 AM

· It has finally happened...my insurance hates me. My MRI is pending at this point waiting further info from the Dr. 10:36 AM
· En Route to hospital during lunch hour 11:54 AM
· Taking a walk while the nurse changes bandages...just ate lunch and don't need to puke it back up 12:24 PM
· Back at the office and waiting for the call to pick up my friend from hospital and take him home 1:36 PM
· Just got my friend from the hospital back home...Probably going to spend the night just in case he needs help until his gf gets back frm FL 5:21 PM

· Headed to bed...this time next week I will be in WV 10:23 PM

Saturday Feb 21st

· I hate Walmart but damn their low low prices 10:26 AM
· why did Verizon and Yellow Pages both send me freakin huge phone books...I will replace the textbooks holding the couch level with them 12:20 PM
· chopping onions makes me weepy 1:34 PM
· successfully chopped all veggies and still has 10 fingers...ahead of schedule so i might go take a quick nap before heading to the gym 2:12 PM
· finishing up making pizzas 5:43 PM
· is swearing off twitter and facebook for the evening 7:47 PM

Sunday Feb 22nd
· is going to try and get his act in gear before cleaning up the mess or going into town/gym 12:20 PM
· At the gym ... Going to see if I can get some laps in before back hurts to much 4:13 PM
· tired...so very tired 8:25PM
· Sleep time 9:42PM

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