Sunday, July 22, 2007


This Thursday marked 1 year for me living NY.

So far it has been a mixed bag of both good and bad times. I enjoy my job and getting a paycheck every two weeks. I like the house and area where I live and my landlord is very agreeable and helpful if there is something wrong or needs to be fixed. I was able to find a church in a relatively short time where I was able to join and get involved with easily. I haven't even minded the fact that since moving here I have not had the best of luck health wise: chest pains in Feb & my recent ordeal of breaking my wrist and hand. Sure its not been easy but I guess things like that happen since we are unable to control everything. I even finally switched the car over to NY plates.

The downside has been (the lack 0f) my social life. While I have many met many people through work, church, and practically living at the YMCA I still lack a group of FRIENDS. When I was planning on moving and when I got up here friends from home and people I met here continually say that it must take alot to move to a new area and not know anyone. If I had a dime for every time I had this conversation, I would have a lot of dimes. While I know these people mean well, it sometimes just reminds me of how alone and isolated I feel. It has been great that my brother lives in Conn. and Craig lives in Boston, but it is not like I can call them up and go hangout with them for the evening. It is not like I have isolated myself either, I do go to different activities through church and work but have had no luck forming meaningful friendships...and lets not even start on the whole girlfriend/significant other topic. There is more in this area I could go into but I really don't feel like it at the moment, I just wish things would get better and the effort I am putting in would payoff.

The year in numbers:
Pay grade started:16
Pay grade now:18
Pounds lost: 42 (32 if you count the 10 I have put on due to breaking my wrist)
Visits to the ER: 2
Visits back home: 3

and on a lighter note...

Mom and Phil were up to visit this week. They got here Monday evening and left yesterday afternoon. I think they had a good time during there visit. While I was working they rode the motorcycle in the Adirondacks , the Catskills, and down to Conn to see a lighthouse. In the evenings we would go out to eat and then go back to the house. They also stopped in the office and saw where I work and met my coworkers. Phil helped me hang some pictures and mom did my laundry and my dishes. It was nice to have them here and I am glad they enjoyed their time. I went to see the doctor Friday so he could reevaluate my wrist. I start physical therapy on Tuesday . I am going to wait till then to see what they think I should or shouldn't do exercise wise at the gym. I can't wait to get back into the workout groove and figure it is going to be somewhat difficult.

Not much else exciting happening this week but I am headed to Cinncy in 2 weeks so that should be fun.


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Emma said...

Chad -
Having moved several times, I'll tell ya that what you're going through is totally normal!
The older you get (and the further out of school) the harder it is to make friends when you're new to the area. It happened when we moved to CA, it happened when we moved to CT... heck, we've been here for two years and I barely know anyone.

And you know you can come down for a weekend visit anytime you want!