Sunday, June 24, 2007

And The Date Is....

After going to the Doctor on Monday for the checkup on my wrist/hand I will be getting the cast off on Friday July 13th. This means I have almost 3 more weeks in this crazy thing.

I originally was scheduled to get it off on the 10th but I have a meeting at work with the consulting group that is doing a project for our division so I had to reschedule. After I get this off the doctor is going to put me in a aircast which is removable and have me do some rehab. If I am lucky I might be able to make the softball playoffs...if I decide to press my luck that is. I might just move on to street hockey.

My fingers are still bruised but not as puffy and have begun to flake off dead skin.
I am so ready to be able to get back to a normal workout routine. Been sleeping too much due to painkillers...mmm...painkillers (still have a lot of sweling and sometimes at night feels like razors being stabbed in my wrist). Was at the gym recently and the Tuesday morning Spinning instructor saw me and said she noticed I had not been in class lately and said that my wrist being in a cast had better be my excuse. Haven't done the evening classes a lot lately since sitting on the bike is boring and the sling puts strain on my back and my schedule has been hectic as of late.

Found out yesterday my AC in the car is all but shot and not worth repairing. I hope to get my car title and license changed obver to NY this week ince I have been here almost a year.


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