Sunday, January 15, 2006

I Have Issues

I have issues...Thousands of them...Over the years I have invested and acquired many issues...Oversized, regular and mini issues and they are bagged boarded and alphabetized in boxes.

that's right I collect comicbooks.

One thing I have learned from reading and collecting comics is that at anytime I can be in an accident and possibly walk away with some type of superpower. I am sure that everyone at some point in their life wished they had superpowers. We all want to see through things orto be able to crush cars with our bare hands. Why? Who knows. But once you had a few crushed cars lying around your yard, you can bet you'd come up with a use for them. Super powers are why astronauts do what they do, I'm sure of it. Out in the zero gravity of space I bet you feel superhuman.

"Look, I can lift this twelve ton satellite...with my pinkie!"

Anyway, it would be my luck that I would get some type of superpower that was really lame like the ability to add numbers in my head really quick or have enhnaced senses that only told me when items have gone bad in the fridge.


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Jenette said...

Yeah. You comic book collectors. Superpowers. For Aaron, it's Scrooge McDuck. Somday, he'll have a money bin, not superpowers.

I want to be able to fly, btw. I actually dream about it... if that's not too weird, I don't know what is!