Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Brand New Day

I close both locks below the window.
I close both blinds and turn away.
Sometimes solutions aren't so simple.
Sometimes goodbye's the only way.
-Shadow of the Day, Linkin Park

Today marks a new day in my life as I am no longer an officer of Sigma Theta Epsilon after 8 years of selfless dedication. In a way it is saddening but also a relief after events of the past year or so of stress caused by a few of the other broad members. I think the what hurts the most is that my final request, to stay on till the end of the fiscal year so I could properly get the office ready to turn over to whomever was next, was denied using logic which still is puzzling. I guess my greatest regret was that I never finishwhat I wanted to before my last term was supposed to be complete in 2009.

It is a relief in the sense that I no longer have to deal with the things I have had to over the past year. I also have the time to focus on the important things that I put on the back burner so that I could focus the majority of my energy into the fraternity. I now have more time to do the following :
  • Figure out why women hate me
  • Train for my upcoming triathlons, which includes dropping weight
  • Spend more time organizing my comic collection
  • Other projects in the process of development.
I don't plan on leaving the fraternity altogether, however since I still support the organization as a whole and its goals and ideals. I will probably take a sabbatical for awhile and then reexamine things. I also plan to keep in contact with many of the brothers whom I have gotten to know over the years and shared many great and memorable times with.

I guess the whole thing can be summed up as I feel a great weight and burden has been lifted off of my shoulders, while at the same time the "phantom limb" syndrome is becoming increasingly strong.

I am eagerly waiting the new experiences and other interests I will now have time to pursue in the coming years.



Akinogal said...
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gods_design said...

I apreciate all you have done over the years for me. I always have admired your dedication.

Jenette said...

I'm sure not all women hate you! I don't!!! :)

I'm sad for the way things played out for you and for STE as a whole. But you know that I will still continue to pray for you and that we still offer our friendship. :)