Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving "Adventure"

So I am sitting here at my friends place in Morgantown, WV, it is Tuesday and I was planning on being at work today. I left Albany the Saturday before Thanksgiving to come to WV. I spent Saturday -Tuesday in Morgantown and then was home until Sunday. My original plan was to drive back u to Morgantown on Sunday, spend the night and leave Monday morning and go back to Albany. Well Sunday as I was driving the ABS light on the car came on and started to ride shakily. So I pulled off the road and turned the car off and figured I could make it to the next exit...I got less then 10 feet. Luckily I was able to get off the road again and sat in the car for over an hour waiting for the tow truck and flinching everytime a tractor trailer went by on the road. Finally the tow truck came and I had him take it to the Ford Dealership where I have had work done before when I was going to WVU.

the damage:
Need the following...
Right and Left wheel barring
Left Rear ABS signal
Left and Right Spindal
Rear Brake shoes
Front pads

=688 + tax

hopefully it will be done this afternoon. Not to mention I have the G.I. Joe USS Flagg, a painting and other stuff in the car. I had a friend pick me up Sunday after the car was dropped off and as we were leaving the lot we were stopped by some cops and I got to play 20 questions as to why we were on the lot when the place was closed. FUN FUN. SO I have spent hte last day and a half in my friends apartment. I have made it through the first and most of the second season of X-Files along with doing what work I can when I can get an internet connection...

Hopefully the car will be done today but not sure if I will leave tonight or wait andleave early tomorrow.


Friday, November 02, 2007

I Like Cereal

And now another "EXCITING" view into my life:

So every now and then PRICE CHOPPER, one of the grocery chains of the Northeast, has sales on Kellogg's cereal. Last February was the first time that I actually found out about this 'event.' I eat cereal at my desk every morning when I get into work. Back in Feb. one of my coworkers informed me that Price Chopper was having 1/2 on Kellogg's brand cereal and I should take advantage of the opportunity. So I decided that I would and probably ended up spending close to $50 on All Bran .

mmmm....All Bran....

Well a few weeks ago they had the sale again and I took full advantage of it again. Unlike last time I decided to diversify my cereal haul. So after spending close to $100 (which really was like $50) I am good on cereal for awhile.

The All Bran is still left over from last time...but still good date-wise.

See the excitement never stops...