Friday, November 02, 2007

I Like Cereal

And now another "EXCITING" view into my life:

So every now and then PRICE CHOPPER, one of the grocery chains of the Northeast, has sales on Kellogg's cereal. Last February was the first time that I actually found out about this 'event.' I eat cereal at my desk every morning when I get into work. Back in Feb. one of my coworkers informed me that Price Chopper was having 1/2 on Kellogg's brand cereal and I should take advantage of the opportunity. So I decided that I would and probably ended up spending close to $50 on All Bran .

mmmm....All Bran....

Well a few weeks ago they had the sale again and I took full advantage of it again. Unlike last time I decided to diversify my cereal haul. So after spending close to $100 (which really was like $50) I am good on cereal for awhile.

The All Bran is still left over from last time...but still good date-wise.

See the excitement never stops...


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