Sunday, February 04, 2007

I'm a Loser

Well I guess it is time to finally make a new blog post.

From the title of this post you might think that I will be talking about my social life or lack there of but I am not going least right now.

Since the beginning of November I have been consciously trying to drop weight. I have changed my diet and been working out at the gym religiously. In October I had my first physical in a long time. According to the scale at the doctor's office I was somewhere around 250lbs, although when I joined the gym a few days later and weighed myself there I was 243lbs but that is beside the point.

Once I joined the gym on the first of November and starting my 2-a day workout session I have really gotten into shape. At the end of 3 months I have lost a total of 32lbs. So far I have lost weight every week except for 3 weeks where I have maintained and the week after Christmas where I gained 1.5 lbs (I was working out at an inferior gym while home for the holidays).

I still want to lose about 15-20 more then start toning. In additon to my running twice a day I am going to start spinning and swimming in the Master's Swim program at the YMCA.


Chris said...

Congratulations, sexy thang!!

Jenette said...

whooohooo!! Wanna lose some weight for me??? :)