Wednesday, November 29, 2006

I Hate Weekends

Thats right you read correctly.

From 4:30pm Friday to Sunday evening when I go to bed is the time I hate most. During the week I have my set schedule:
5-5:15 am - Get Up
5:30-5:45 am - Begin morning workout at gym
7:45-8am -Leave gym and head to work
8:30am - 4:30 pm - Work
5-9(ish)pm - Evening workout
9:45-10pm - Get home
10:30pm - Bed

The weekends suck because I have nothing really to do. The house is not really messy since I am hardly there so I just twiddle my thumbs and it drives me crazy...too much idle time and the gym closes at 7pm. I need the routine.

In other news my cholesterol test results came back "Excellent" and according to the nurse I have water passing through my veins.



KBDay said...

Water plus other normal blood stuff? That's encouraging. Normal cholestrol is good too. I wish I had some great suggestion for your weekends, but my brain is spent. Something will come up though. Have a good weekend anyway.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chad,
You ever thought about donating your time at a local animal shelter on saturday? They're always looking for folks to help walk and socialize the dogs and help clean up and all that.

Great news about the cholesterol too. Keep up the good work!
:) Emma