Thursday, February 09, 2006


Ok... so I can't sleep and its all thanks to this guy...

Thats right I am riding the caffeine train. I just got in from driving all the way from Albany, NY to Cleveland, OH. I left around 5:30 PM and drove straight through only stopping for gas.

caffeine used not to bother me at all however since October 2004 I have been pretty much caffeine free (occasionally enjoy a cup of Joe or a diet coke if nothing else available). Anyway now if I have even one cup of diet coke after 6pm I am up half the night. So needing to stay up and alert on 7.5 hour drive I started preparing early today.

11:00 -Venti Caffe Mocha from Starbucks

3:30 - 20 ounce Diet Vanilla Coke

5:30 - Venti Carmel Marcharotti(or something like that) from Starbucks

7:50 - Large Marshmellow fl. Coffee from Dunkin Donuts

10:30 - Large Diet Coke

So as you can see I will probably get to sleep...oh..NEVER!!!

If it weren't so cold outside I would go run around the block a few million times.

Maybe a Guinness will help me get to sleep...



sarah cool said...

Wow! That is a TON of caffeine! Goofball...

I'd advise Nyquil.

Jenette said...

I have no sympathy for you. Well, maybe a little, since caffeine does the same thing to me.

Jenette said...

And "Who's the Sky Marshal?" I love it. You made me laugh out loud, causing the people around me to wonder why I'm crazy at this moment.

Always Ashley said...

mmmm venti caramel macchiato

I can't drink anything with caffine after 6pm, or I can't sleep.